Children & Petite Adult - soft ear loop {choose your fabric} +Nose Bridge Options

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This fabric face covering is meant to loop around the back of your ear. 

**Please double-check ALL drop-down options before adding items to your cart. (IE: fabric & mask size)


CHILD SMALL: measures approximately 6" wide X 2.5" tall. Mask opens up to 3.5" from over the nose to under chin. I recommend this size for children under age 10. Use drop-down menu to choose size SMALL.

CHILD MEDIUM/YOUTH/PETITE ADULT: measures approximately 7" wide X 3.5" tall. Mask opens up to 5" from over the nose to under chin. I recommend for children over age 10, youth, teen, & petite adult. Use drop-down menu to choose size MEDIUM/YOUTH/PETITE ADULT (size fits those three options!). 

Product Details: Handmade from two layers of pre-washed, 100% cotton fabric. Each mask has the same fabric on the front & back; unless otherwise pictured. Use drop-down menu to choose fabric print. Ear loops are made with approximately .75" wide cotton knit fabric. Each loop measures 5.5" long. If the loop is too long; I recommend tying a knot in the center of the loop to shorten. My studio is pet-free and smoke-free. Handmade in Nebraska.

Care Instructions: Machine wash, gentle cycle, inside a delicates mesh laundry bag. May hand wash also. Lay flat to air dry. Gently tug on the ear loop to re-shape after washing. May press fabric portion only with a warm iron for a crisp, finished look.


Please know that because all of our products are handmade they may vary slightly from the photo.

**NOTICE: There are no returns allowed on this item.

Masks will not prevent you from getting sick or spreading sickness. They are to help prevent you from touching your face & look stylish while doing so!

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